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Sole Proprietorship Database

  • RDB operates a pool data with financial statements, attribute information, and credit status on sole proprietorship loans collected from member banks throughout Japan.
  • There are plenty of data items that cover from taxpaying situations and qualitative information, to credit balance and loans. This allows high-precision analysis on sole proprietorships whose risk assessments are difficult with only B/S and P/L statements.
  • There is a sufficient quantity of data: 31,000 all data, 12,000 default data, and 65,000 reports on financial statements since 2002, for statistical analysis (May 2012 present).
  • The data comes mainly from banks, and is given high marks on its degree of accuracy and its sufficiency of items. It is used as a benchmark data and as an external reference data that complements data shortly supplied in many financial institutions, including mega banks.
  • This is a membership service only for financial institutions that can continually provide data of their own obligors' loan information in prescribed format rules.
  • To computerize all information, a data entry tool for PC is provided.
  • All the information is anonymous, and the database cannot identify an individual company name.