RDB-DynaMIC (dynamics monitoring system)

  • A huge amount of information held by a bank such as on accounts and foreign exchange, is left as being meaningless due to its vastness if it is only stored.
  • Moreover, since loan aid and foreign exchange trading systems each differ greatly from account and foreign exchange information in nature, the user is required to have a deep understanding and make significant efforts in order to integrate them centrally.
  • RDB-DynaMIC theoretically classifies the above-mentioned types of various information within the bank in a rigorous manner, generating a dynamics database, which is a new set of information that is significant to bank officers.
  • RDB-DynaMIC uses various ways to distribute to users the information that can be obtained from the dynamics database and is unlike any existing data.
  • To visualizing the trading flows of a business partner captures only a fraction of the diversity of information that can be obtained from the dynamics data.
  • We recommend utilizing your bank's internal information actively and effectively at this point in time, when you need to truly understand local communities and customers better than ever before.

Service diagram