• DynaMIC-VISION, a new dynamic economic indicator, allows the user to continuously and chronologically collect bank account transaction information that is full of objective and up-to-date data by tapping into the techniques of RDB-DynaMIC, an account dynamics monitoring system, and to identify developments in that information according to actual values and indices such as DI on a macroeconomic basis.
  • While there have been frequent requests for improvements to conventional social economic statistics with respect to their up-to-dateness, completeness, objectivity and accuracy, DynaMIC-VISION provides fact-based numerical data such as internal deposit performance and foreign exchange developments as chronological information.
  • During disasters and other emergencies, users can utilize DynaMIC-VISION to accurately identify affected segments before continuously collecting data on a chronological basis in order to enable the functioning of a PDCA cycle for recovery and restoration, a step allowing the user to analyze instant responses made at the time of the crisis occurring.
  • You should definitely use the information, as it is proprietary bank information that can be utilized for various occasions such as of the formulation of bank business strategies as well as of branch policy setting, staff allocation and portfolio management.
  • For details of DynaMIC-VISION, please see this section as well.