• DynaMIC-LOAN is a system application with which account information is used to provide, on a one-stop-shop basis, a promotion target (recommendation) list that reflects review logic, such as credit checks, loan limit decisions and exclusions for impropriety as well as cash demand potential irrespective of borrowers and net depositees.
  • DynaMIC-LOAN is compatible with loan products utilizing external cloud accounting company information in addition to account information held by the bank.
  • The user bank is allowed to set, on a made-to-order basis, a review judgment logic consistent with its loan strategy by altering various parameters.
  • Users use DynaMIC-LOAN for a variety of corporate loan strategies, for new loan products based on non-face-to-face online communication as well as call center-driven new loan products, branch labor-saving-based new loan products and FinTech loan products, with each of the above utilizing DynaMIC-LOAN.

Service diagram