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Message from the President

We and Data ForeVision, Ltd. have integrated managements by establishing a joint holding company by stock transfer, effective February 1, 2019. As a 100% subsidiary of the new company ForeVision Inc., we will be ready for new business development and investments with an ever more robust management and organizational structure.

Since establishment, we have stored various shared big data chronologically that banks and financial institutions could utilize across the industry. By generating various risk calculation models from such data, implementing them socially and offering joint expertise, we have contributed to developing risk management structures for banks and financial institutions, as well as to promoting BPR in the credit business.

Advances in IT now make it possible to access and accumulate large volumes of data in various locations. The presence of data and utilization strategies surrounding it have become ever more important in today’s business environment, to the point of determining companies’ success. While trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future, data offers no value when it just sits there. It is only when hypotheses, verifications (modelling) and evaluations yield know-how that is then implemented does data transform into something of great worth. We are indeed a company that is proud of our history of cultivating data science know-how and technological expertise to raise the value of data.

We are committed to continue developing our joint big-data business. At the same time, we will endeavor to evolve as an innovative platformer that both improves data and expands its value by offering cloud services which involve new expertise and models by integrating our own joint big data with external data, such as DynaMIC-SMART, a platform that enables non-face-to-face business lending/examination and customer attraction by using transaction histories and other dynamic data.

As a platformer capable of combining our joint big data with a range of external data sets to create and offer new value, we will strive to deliver breakthrough financial digitalization to society and help develop safe, secure and vibrant financial systems and companies.